How to insert text between auto-divided table

Hello everybody

I’m writing a theses in LibreOffice writer, I have a long table (more then one page long) and the formatting requirements are:

  • repeat header on the continued table (done)
  • pass “Table XX - continued” just before the continued table

My problem is that I can’t put any text before said table continuation, since it is auto-divided and it shifts the rows as needed.


Table 1
|              |
page break
                   <- text "Table 1 - continued" wanted here
|              |

I can imagine last-ditch solution - divide the table manually before final formatting, but I would like to avoid that.

Is it possible to add some text before second part of auto-divided table (and how?)?


For me, the question would be:
What is the meaning of the text to be inserted?
Does it belong to the table in terms of content or does it form a kind of off topic.
In the first case, I would insert a line in the top of the table, connect them horizontally and write the text there.
In the second case, it makes sense to separate the table.
There is no in-between, just like a little bit pregnant.

You can insert a frame as a container for that message, the text will wrap around it. But why do you want something like that? Readers will probably assume that the text continues on the next page anyway. EDIT added sample file with frames.
frame_in_table.odt (20.5 KB)

The why is already said.

We have to see if we discover a how to. This interests me also, only for curiosity.
It may be something like the Continuation Notice (Start of next page) for footnotes.

If inserted in the cell, the frame text overlaps the cell text.

@massa.kassa.sc3na, Maybe you can post a request enhancement at, then share the no-bug ID here.

See tdf#114467 for issue and cludgy workaround that I could finally couldn’t get to work. Shape has to be higher than the cell height.

LongTableContinued.odt (17.3 KB)

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Thanks for the idea. This is usable for me as a workaround.

I’ll probably also add my voice to the issue, as I think this is definitely something which should be supported.