How to install downloaded dictionary file on LO


Sorry, I am quite new to LO and can’t find the instruction under installation. I have a question after downloading dictionary file “libreoffice-dictionaries-”, where is the destination to unzip them for LO on Windows OS?


You have downloaded the ‘source-code’ for a dictionary. I’m going to advise you to get a dictionary-extension instead. It is so much easier, and you do not need to be concerned about the location. However, if you insist on searching, dictionaries have a ‘.dic’ suffix.

Added later:

The following are OXT files. As long as your OS has it’s App-directory correctly installed & updated [intentional xref] you should be able to d/click on the oxt-file & have LO/OO launched ready at the Extension Manager dialog [steps 9-12]. However, none of this paragraph negates the steps below, as it always helps to know the full, manual process.

The original Response:

  1. Information on installing an extra dictionary:
    Frequently asked questions - General - The Document Foundation Wiki
  2. Official HowTo (PDF):
  3. Get the dictionary:
  4. Check the Extension suffix:

    Save the files somewhere memorable.

    Extensions have an ‘.oxt’ suffix. Make sure that you can see this suffix from a file explorer, and change the Explorer properties if not (else suffer grief later).
  5. Open LO/OO & go:

    Menu:-Tools | Extension Manager...

  6. In the Dialog click Add...

    Extension Manager dialog

  7. In the File Browser that opens navigate to your dictionary files

    File Browser

  8. Select & click Open
  9. The dialogs can now vary. If that extension is already installed, you are asked OK (replace it) or Cancel

    Already-installed dialog

  10. Only for you|For all users|Cancel ?

    all users?

  11. There may be a license agreement (the Scroll Down button lets the Accept button become active)

    license agreement

  12. It should now be within the Extension Manager dialog

    Extension Manager dialog

  13. Press Close until at main screen, then close LO/OO and (if necessary) the Quickstarter (MSCONFIG is useful for that for Windows).

    Restart LO/OO & all should be revealed.

That is ever so much quicker, and easier, to do than for me to write.
(images stolen from askubuntu)

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