How to install Dutch language pack LibreOffice on Ubuntu

I am trying to install Dutch spell check on my English language LibreOffice
Trying to find a Dutch extension or dictionary proved quite a challenge.
Eventually I got a package called libreoffice-dictionaries-
Okay unpack it and i found a whole lot of languages. Very nice, but how on earth to use it? No real usable installation manual is given. There is a makefile file with it. Try to run it, not successful, get an error message.
Then manually look for where the .dic files are.
Copy the .dic files manually over there.
Still not Dutch spell-check. How on earth must a person install a simple language dictionary.

Reading the instructions points me out to an .oxt file, but nowhere is a Dutch .oxt file to be found.
Please help.

I also installed the language tool, but also no Dutch spelling. I am using the latest LibreOffice which came together with Ubuntu

Doesn’t sudo apt-get install myspell-nl help?

Thank you for the tip. Works well. I also managed to install the Afrikaans spellcheck by changing the -nl part into -af. Works well.

It seems that to be able to select the document language (tools->language->for all text->givenLang) I had to reboot my computer (linux debian), maybe restarting only the display manager would have been enough

That did the trick, thanks a lot. I installed the Afrikaans language pack as well, by changing the -nl into -af.

Myspell did not work in my case.
But Hunspell worked well