How to install fonts copied from xp fonts into ubuntu 17.10 and libre writer 5

I’m using ubuntu 17.10 and libreoffice writer 5. I copied my xp \windows\fonts folder into my ubuntu pc downloads folder. How do I get them installed? .fon, .ttf, .TTF files, about 250.

thanks, st

You are aware that some fonts may not be free fonts? If they are free they can be installed in the same way as other fonts. Ubuntu has got specific location(s) for that (for every application), find help here.

Or you copy into the LibreOffice user profile, there may exist a fonts directory.

There is a “canonical” and up-to-date answer for 17.10 on AskUbuntu – which is the better place for this sort of thing than AskLibO!

Either you use the font manager and install them one by one, just open the folder where you keep the fonts, right-click on each file and choose Install or View - Install.

Or you can dump them all into the folder /home/username/.local/share/fonts to install them for your user only, for all users it would probably be /usr/share/fonts and then by type of font-file into opentype, truetype, type1 etc.