How to install from libreoffice-

Please help me find installation instructions for the Development files That are supplied in .tar compression

Please also mention the source of the files, to understand what you are talking about.

I have now seen that it was the wrong question.

The file was obtained from

I have de-compressed the file into its 8,800 constituent parts (files and folders), and realized that it is a project structure for compiling (c & c++ i think).
I do not have the tools or time at present to compile or debug, and so will wait for the finished product.

I apologize to all.
Have a Happy 2019

Hi @BillL! No need to apologize at all - you asked a legitimate question (nobody is expected to know everything), and the only issue was missing source bit - which you fulfilled in this absolutely correct answer that the tarball contains the source code which needs compiling. Thank you for that!