How to install Javascript SDK?

I have installed LibreOffice, but to use Base I need to install JavaScript SDK. I have downloaded a folder full of files but I don’t know how to install them. I’m not a developer - be gentle with me! I’m running OSX 10.13.6 on an old 32-bit system. Can anyone help, please?

Have you tried Developing Scripts in JavaScript? I have done it on Windows but not OSX. However, IMHO Javascript is not a good language for LibreOffice macros. Support is limited and there are few to no real-world examples. Instead, I would recommend Java, Python or Basic, all of which are commonly used and have plenty of documentation.

@AMR416 Why do you think you need JavaScript SDK to use BASE? Have you possibly mistaken what is needed in newer 64-bit versions - JDK? If so, not sure what is needed in 32-bit versions. Need to find older Oracle JDK 32-bit version for Mac. JRE used to work on Mac (OK on Windows & Linux) but don’t really know where this stopped - Possibly OSX 10.x

Oops, I read the question at face value rather than realizing it was asking how to get Base working. Please ignore my first comment. As @Ratslinger wrote, you need the right version of Java. Base does not require JavaScript.