How to italicize (underline, make bold) one string in a concatenation expression of two strings?


I wish to populate cells with concatenations of two adjacent ones, containing (say) “aaa” and “bbb”, respectively, but want the second one to appear italicized, thus: “aaabbb”. I see no way to specify it. However, using the menus on cells containing actual text strings, it is possible to change the attributes of a substrings, which means calc has a way to maintain style attributes down to that level.

Enhanced text formating is only supported for text content of cells. Text that is returned by a formula is always formatted in one piece based on the settings for the cell. I does not come with any formatting itself (only string!).

Thanks, that’s what I ended up gathering, but I also saw briefly (I may be wrong) that there is an operator, just for math formulas, in order to italicize characters. So why not generalize it to any text, I wonder.