How to justify text copied from web?

when i copy text from web and paste it to libreoffice writer, i can’t seem to justify text: it spreads in many lines without filling the whole line. it’s a pain doing it one by one with the backspace tab. any help would be appreciated.

Could you provide an example since the procedure might be different from source to source?

  1. Search this site. Issues with copying text from web pages have been discussed many times.
  2. If you can’t find an answer, read these guidelines and ask a good question.

I think you have an issue with new lines.

When you copy a text from a web page lines are usually separated with line breaks (that is what you get on LibreOffice using Shift+Enter instead of Enter), whereas in LibreOffice you’d likely want paragraph breaks for proper justification.

You can see them if you enable View Nonprinting characters.

Anyway, to replace line breaks with paragraph breaks in Writer, go to Edit - Find and Replace, tick “Use regular expressions”, then put \n in both “Search for” and “Replace”. Then click Replace all to fix your document.

Note that when using Regular Expressions, “\n” in Search stands for “line break”, but in Replace it stands for “paragraph break”. If you want to Search for a paragraph break you have to use “$” (which is the EOL, End Of Line, character) instead of “\n”.