How to keep alignment justified when adding a page break?

Hello, please can you help me work out how to change the page style or insert a section break or insert an image, etc. mid sentence without losing the formatting of my justified paragraph, in Writer. Whenever I try and add a page / section break / image mid-paragraph it alters my lines so the previous line which was justified moves left, breaking up the sentence / paragraph. I want to keep the alignment justified.

I’ve tried modifying paragraph > default style > alignment > justified but it hasn’t helped at all. I cant figure out how to keep it justified when adding a page break.

Please help. Thanks

Please upload your ODF type sample file here.

Is it the last line or the whole paragraph that becomes left aligned? In a justified paragraph, if the last line does not fill the line, it is normally left aligned. This setting can be changed in Paragraph Properties > Alignment, under Last line the possible settings are Start, Centred, or Justified.

Note that Justifed can look odd with very wide spaces if it is forced to spread across a line. You can preview this effect but just inserting a line break in the middle of a line of justified text.

Inserting any break mid-sentence doesn’t make sense, all the more if it is a page break. Strong breaks (excluding line breaks) can only occur between paragraphs. So edit your question to explain the goal (or attach a sample file).

Do you format your document with styles?

Tell us what you want to achieve. Don’t ask us to tell you how you can achieve it in the way you think it should be done. And don’t ask so many questions in one topic.

If you want an image centered in a paragraph, just insert it with the cursor at the beginning of the paragraph, anchor it to the paragraph, set position to center and set the wrap so that the text will flow around it, top, bottom, left and right. The best way to learn this kind of thing is to play with it in a sandbox file, a copy of the file you are working on, apply all possible wrap tricks and note their effect.

Thank you for all your help. Ernest AI’s solution worked. I just couldn’t figure it out earlier. The reason I wanted to page break mid paragraph is because I want each page of my document to have a different header so I’ve been manually breaking my pages into separate styles. When I was trying to insert a break it was shifting my line on the previous page left so I needed to justify it. It is now working. Thank you very much for your time.

Should this page style occur automatically? In other words, is there a reason to force manually the page break? Could you let text flow do its job if it does not really matter where the page break occur in a sentence?

If these answers are “yes”, then you should use the Next attribute in the page styles to switch to another one when end of page is reached.

Also, if the sequence of pages is only even-odd, there is provision for that in the page style parameters. This behaviour is built-in! There is even a feature to single out the first page of a sequence (roughly a chapter).

Read about that in built-in help or the Writer guide.

Oh wow thank you, I didn’t know there was any other way of doing this. Sounds like it will save me a lot of time. Thank you, I will read up on this!

The lesson of this is: don’t try to ask a fix for a wrong procedure. Rather explain the context and the effect you expect. In your case the starting point was not page break insertion but header alternation between odd and even pages. This is such a common case that you imagine there is no need for contorted tweaks to achieve it.

Now, as your “answer” is not a solution to your problem, use the more link at the bottom of it to “repost as a comment” so that this supplement of information is not lost. I’ll then add an answer with pointers to the easy and user-friendly solution.