How to KEEP only first occurrence data in Calc

I have a large database of car makes and models color auto code structured in these columns: Make - Model - Description - Code and about 8000 rows.

I need to have the database with only the first occurrence of each Make - Model - Desc - Cod with same Make - Model

Alfa romeo - 145 - Blue - 205
Alfa romeo - 145 - Black - 201

I Should only have the first row of each individual make and model in my libre office Calc sheet

so in the above example I should have only
Alfa romeo - 145 - Blue - 205 and so on for every make and model…

How could I do?

I tried with the simple filter, inserting the two affected columns equal to non-empty and arriving the duplication, but not work I tried with the countifcondition, but I didn’t quite understand how to use it in this case.

Thanks for help

Sugestão usando Validação de dados e PROCV.
Suggestion using Data Validation and VLOOKUP.

tommix95.ods (11.6 KB)

If you really had a database (a spreadsheet is not a database) you would disallow the duplicates, and you could rely on the fact that there can not be any duplicates in millions of records.

Most useless and passive-aggressive answer ever? :joy:

Really? It looks like database data, the question even says it is a database. It would be best suited in a database, not a spreadsheet. You can quickly come across limitations when using a spreadsheet as a sort of database.

We all suffer from the Einstellung effect from time to time, an answer offering a different perspective shouldn’t be belittled.

Hm, okay, maybe.
It just sounds like those “actually, B is true” replies (to “A is true since B is false”) peppered over the nets…

I fixed it, thanks also to your solution.

I used the formula

because my problem was that I had to use both the “Make” and “Model” tables as a search parameter, but the VLOOKUP does not allow for two paramater, but through the VLOOKUP I found this solution.

Thank you.

and it needs to be the leftmost column.
Workaround: Ad a new column to the left and use your formula =MAKE&MODEL in the new column.