How to know which daily build included a specific patch from Bugzilla

For example there is comment in Bugzilla

with the link with new patch Diff - 3429be2b219bc9b27cb5da94f91348f632cb10db^! - core - Gitiles

But how I discover which daily build included this new patch?

Really I wasn’t clever from wiki link QA/Testing Daily Builds - The Document Foundation Wiki :frowning:

I use Windows 10.

Not exactly what you want, but going to Menu/Help/About LibreOffice, and click on the Build link, you can see the patches listed with the last at the beginning, so you can know what is the last in this daily build.

Look at the actual commit date, 10 Aug for the example, then chose the build flavor you’re interested in from LibreOffice dev daily builds

Listing of builds is time stamp of the start of the build–you want to select one with a name/time stamp after the commit date.

You can also examine the git stack using cgit. By using the cgit “range” field like this for the example commit:
cgit query against LO master for examples commit string

you can use the “age” value to judge if the commit is included in a daily build of a particular name/time stamp.

You can also enter a start and and end commit in the “range” field, but the strings need to be the full commit IDs , e.g. “startcommitID..endcommitID”. That will return commits to the branch in that range. Userfull in itself when bibisecting.