How to label equations

I’m creating equations with the fn + F3 method, and It gives me the normal equation with its respective numbering. When I want to refer to that equation I insert a Cross-reference, like it should be. But when working with a lot of equations, trying to refer to the correct equation can be difficult.

Is there a way to label equations, so they have names like 1.2 - Sum of therms, so when you want to reference to that equation you just search for its name?

Notice that I want to keep the normal number in the document. Like this:

a + b + c (1.2)

In the sidebar, in Navigator ( or click F5 to get floating dialog), under Bookmarks you should see any text that you added to the bookmark and so identify the formula. Doubling-clicking the bookmark selects the formula

You could autocaption Math Formulas Tools > Options > LibreOffice Writer > Autocaption and tick appropriate box. New formulas would then be listed in Fields dialog under Cross-references, probably under Figure but you could create a new caption type

Making bookmarks works as a solution, the only downside I see is having to make it separate from the numbering itself.
Making captions doesn’t work for me, as I want to have a label that only the program knows. Also, it applies to all the equations, and I only want it to a couple of them, the ones that are made with fn + F3

f n F3 causes the insertion of two objects in your document: a table and a formula.

These object are visible in the Navigator (F5) under categories Tables and OLE Objects. But even renaming them with right-click and Rename will not change the way they are displayed in the cross-reference insertion dialog.

The only way I can see to have a user-friendly name which is not part of the insertion is to use bookmarks. Any other trick, such as AutoCaption or adding hidden text will be kept through the insertion.

Consequently, after having created your formula and numbered it, select what you want to retain in the reference and Insert>Bookmark. Give a name of your choice.

Referencing the formula is done with Insert>Cross-reference, Cross-references, Bookmarks Type, Reference.

Note: I think there is a design flaw in f n F3 because the formula counter is Text which could conflict with other usages. Authors should have defined a new counter like Formula.

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It works to find the equation in the Navigator, but tables are not referable unless you add a caption to them. I don’t want to add the caption nor have to exit the Cross-reference floating dialog to have to find what is the number of the equation, go back to where I want to add the reference, and search for the correct number hoping I didn’t got confused.

Apologies, I didn’t check thoroughly. I thought Navigator names would appear in cross-ref list but they don’t. I update my answer.