How to link two textboxes?

I’m creating a fillable pdf with writer, so I’m using forms to make the fillable boxes. Let’s say I created two textboxes in two different pages which have to be filled with the same information. I would like to know what to do so when I write in the first box in the pdf, the second one is automatically filled with same information.

Thank you very much.

Hi @tasclew, did you find an answer to your question?

i think tasclew did not.

@jiero – indeed :slight_smile: Time to close this one out as Abandoned…

Make two TEXTBOX, give them identical names. What you enter into the first TEXTBOX will be entered in the second… or third…or fourth…or fifth. You are replicating TEXTBOXES. If the TEXTBOX name is (StudentName)…all other TEXTBOXES with (StudentName) will have whatever name the student imputs on the form.