how to load macros with styles from a template?

I am using LO with Mint 17 (English). I have a custom template that I use in Writer to “Load Styles” into documents created from a database. The template redefines the Styles that are exported (same style names) from the database–changing paper size, line spacing, etc. I have added two macros to the template, thinking the macros would be available to my documents once I have “attached” the template.

But after running Load Styles with all the elements ticked (Text, Frame, Pages, Numbering, Overwrite), my macros are not available. I need to give this template to my coworkers, so I would like the macros to be available with the template.

To clarify, when I create a new file based on my template the macros are available. But I need to attach the template’s macros to my already-created documents. Is there a way to do this, please?