How to Load/Save specific cells on file?

  1. I have a spreadsheet open in LibreOffice Calc, and I manually change a few cells.
    Can I save those changes only?

  2. I have a spreadsheet open in LibreOffice Calc, and I need to update a few cells.
    Can I load these cells only?

E.g.: I have a 100MB spreadsheet loaded. I change the values of three cells. Now I need to let another application know about this change. The other application knows everything about the 100MB data, except the change I did. Can I save what changed in a kind of delta file? Something like:

[2;3] NewValue
[4;9] 123456
[8;2] abc

If the other application has to send a result to the spreadsheet, can it do it in the same way?

  1. No. Partially changing of file is not possible with compressed file formats, which ODS is.
  2. Still no.

Depending on your data using some real database might be the way to go or splitting data into separate files by month or similar.

Why do you keep it in the ODS file in the first place? Is that other program a secret?

For simple data storage using h5 database inside Python has been the best solution for me, awfully fast even on big datasets while accessing it from Python is a breeze. But then again, programming might not be your thing.

I do not need to store the data in an ODS file; it can be a text file or a simple XML file.
So far I was in doubt about whether to use a spreadsheet or a database. Since, as you write, it is not possible to just save/load parts of a spreadsheet, I will opt for a database.