How to make 14 border styles available under format tab like there is under the toolbar button/icon?

Ver., Win 11 home.
I’ve been using open office since ~2003. Just switched to LibreOffice in the last 6 mo. Like the GUI.
A “problem” I’ve had in calc is that when you: Rt click a cell/selection - Format Cells… - Borders tab - Line - Style box drop down. You only have 7 line styles to choose from. You cannot scroll or arrow down beyond the 7 displayed selections.
If you click on the Border Style button/icon in a tool bar you get a drop down of 14 line styles to choose from. How can I access/make all 14 line styles available under the format tab like they are under the tool bar icon?
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Wouldn’t it be easier to remove the “Outline” toolbar from the “Formatting” toolbar at the “Outline” icon?

104171 HB drag the borders toolbar

Unfortunately this does not address my question. You are showing the Borders Icon as the solution, go one to the right of THAT, this is the Border Style icon. You will still need to go to the Borders tab under format to see the difference I’m asking about. If you follow the steps in the original message/question you’ll see that difference between the format Borders tab & the Border Style icon. Thank you for being willing to give feed back I appreciate it.

What you’ve presented addresses Being Able to put a border style in. I Can get the line styles I want. The issue is getting format Tab to have the same availability as the icon.
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Sorry, I probably didn’t understand the question correctly at first.
But what I have shown with the “Border” symbol also works with “Border style”, you can drag it away.

Your question regarding an extended selection in the “Border” tab of the “Format cells” dialog, I am of the opinion that this is not possible.

You have not described what you need it for and why.
Such information could be helpful to find solutions or workarounds.

For professional work, however, it is always recommended to work with Format Styles, in this case Cell Styles.
You can create your own Cell Styles for different cases of borders and line styles.

. Yes you are correct you can drag the Style icon just the same as the Border icon.
. I’ll hope someone else may be able to answer the question. If you’ve been a long term Libre user perhaps you can answer, has the tab/icon style drop down issue I’ve brought up been standard since day one? It’s about the only major difference I’ve experienced between office & libre.
. It is used for document creation, primarily for accent or visual break in data presentation.
. Yes styles are used during the work process, in this particular function it’s usually a few key board stroke and your done. Not slowing down the work flow. Again, this is just a way of performing/working around, not not correcting the issue. It’s whether there is a way for the two drop downs to be the same that I’m wanting to deal with. “…/make all 14 line styles available under the format tab…”
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I answered that with - no.

Please have a look at:

Cell Styles in Calc

And here you are in an area of offtopic for this site: the user-to-user “how do I”-type-of-question Ask site is not a place for “there is a bug or missing functionality in the program” kind of issue.

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. I had thought I’d presented it has how to get the border styles drop down to show in a particular setting, not how am I “…Able to put a border style in…”. Obviously in the future I’ll need to work on being clearer in my writing.

. I had not considered it a bug just a point of ignorance on my part, ie how do I get this to show here. One of the things I’ve loved about the Sun system OpenOffice, and all its resulting program subsets (Apache OpenOffice(OO)/LibreOffice), is that they still have allot of the mid to late 80’s, (& some early 90’s) software command/settings structure that still enables users to set allot of their own operational parameters. Based on Apache OO, I’d figured that to correct this situation it was just a matter of finding/learning, (ie how do I), the correct command subset allowing those border styles to show is this particular setting. Based on your comment/input I was incorrect and this is a bug.

. Since you appear to be knowledgeable enough in both the site & program to classify this as a bug I’ll take you at your word and report it as such. Since I’m a new user to LibreOffice I was not aware that this used to be a function in a previous version, thus resulting in the, “there is a bug or missing functionality in the program” which you reference.
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