How to make a DDE link to external market data in ThinkOrSwim

I want real time data from the TOS (ThinkOrSwim broker) platform into a calc spreadsheet. In Excel the following example used to work:
=TOS|LAST!IBM That would retrieve the Last price of IBM

I am interested in doing something similar.

However, you should be aware that what you have described is a custom function in Excel. So the question is did you build the custom function or was it given to you as part of VBA module(macro) or as a Excel Add in by someone else.

I would like to suggest that you change the title of your question so that it will attract better attention and understanding from the forum.
Try “How do you create a Web Query in Calc as a custom cell function to fetch data from website?”

I’m using this right now BUT be warned the autosave is NOT working for some reason here’s how I do it on a Windoze machine.

click the action menu button (button with three dotted lines) one whichever page you wish to export and select the open office prompt. This would have to be on a Microsoft machine though.

SO basically what you did with excel EXCEPT select the open office menu link and you’re all set. I use the watchlist to do about 20 stocks I am watching.