How to make a simple graph?

I only need a simple graph with
Column C to be the x-axis
And Column O to be the y-axis
But everything seems very complicated.
Can someone give me
a point by point description to give me such a graph ?
Thanks in advance !

Select values only of C and O /axis/ column, then start the Chart Assistant, use XY (Scatter). - See attached sample file.

Starting with @Grantler’s sample file, while holding down the CTRL key, click where it says C above the column and click where it says O above the column. The locations to click are circled in red below.

image description

Now go to Insert → Chart for the Chart Wizard.

Grantler used options Lines only and Line type Smooth.

After the chart is created, double-click on the X-axis and adjust Scale and Label settings. It may take two tries to double-click on it, as selecting parts of the graph is tricky.

Hello thanks for answering!
I have now turned the Calc to English to find what you try to show me.
But I can still not find a way to do this.
That was the reason I beg for a point by point description.

Where do I select only C and O axis ?

Where do I start the Chart Assistant ?

I only find Insert Chart.
And if it is Insert chart I have tried a right-click on your diagram to see what you have chosed.
Preliminary I have only see your nice little graph (that is what I am searching for).

I selected the values of column C and O - use the CTRL key to mark different parts of the sheet.

Then I started (icon Insert Chart) to insert the chart and chose XY (Scatter).

More information see here: Inserting Charts - LibreOffice Help

I shall try to read and some videos because it still isnt obvious. I dont know how to use CTRL to mark 2 different columns
My way was hiding columns to get them side by side and highlight.
The main problem now is how to let C column be the x-Axis and O the y.
Now both is y.
If somebody can tell me that I think I will manage to get a little graph view of what I want to see.
And so I will read and see videos to learn how to use it better.

Upload an anonymized sample file for better working. There are loads of upload companies around the net…

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