How to make an vocabulary for autocomplete entries in Calc

I fill in in my sheet repetitive entries, I would like the autocomplete future to offer me an autofill entry from a list of these repetitive entries. In my rather new version of libreffice calc ( there is no tab for modifying this autocomplete feature (such as the guides I found online suggested, under the autocorrect options) and the only control I have is to check or uncheck this feature altogether. Was it move somewhere? Is there a workaround?

What you are talking about seems to me is “AutoInput” feature (entries from the current column being edited) in LibreOffice Calc terminology. Have you checked Tools -> [x] AutoInput? AutoCorrect is a different thing, since it is not a helper to add certain entries, but to correct “incorrect” (whatever is determined incorrect) entries.

If you want to define valid entries, we start to talk about Data -> Validity, which allows to define valid values.

If these entries are in columns, you can press Alt + down arrow, shows the options that have already been used in this column, above or below the active cell.

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Thank you for your advice, not precisely what I wanted but definitely a workaround I can achieve the task with!