How to make auto-complete list in a cell in calc?

I have a two step question.

I have a table that contains “ID” (a primary key), “Country name”, “Region name”, “City name”, “Latitude” and “Longitude”. A city name appears more than once, since there are cities with the same name in different regions and countries. However the set “City name”, “Region name” and “Country name” is unique.

I would like to do the following:

  1. when someone starts typing a city name in a cell, he gets a list of the cities that start with what he has typed so far, the region and the country of the city (in order to see that he selects the one in the right country and region).

  2. when he is happy with the list being small enough, then he selects the appropriate city from the list.

  3. two other cells should be filled: one with the latitude and one with the longitude of the selected city, looking up the right one by the set of city, region and country names.

I’m not afraid of moving the table to base and using sql queries, if that makes it easier.

Is something like this even possible with LibreOffice?

Thank you.

I am not good with pc

This is precisely the functionality of the List Box and Combo Box controls on the Form object. For foundational information, see help page or Chapter 4 of the Base handbook.

@doug Thanks, I got the Combo Box to work. Now I need to go further, but I asked a new question for that: How to reference a calc cell from base