How to make balloon tip with custom functions?

What should I do in order to user-function be defined as others?

For example:
I created user-function in «My macros» → Standart → Module1

' It is function for example '
function myDis(a, b , c) as Double
myDis() = (b^2)-4*a*c
end function

It is the discriminant of quadratic polynomial and works well.

But I want in the process of use it looked like this:

image description

image description

These pictures are made in Gimp.

However, I have many functions with disparate input data. Functions will be used by other people.

I want in the process of use have pop-up help (balloon tip).

Thanks for any ideas.

Just enter the 3 numbers separated by “;” . number 1 =a, number 2 =b, number 3 = c.

Thank you for your answer.
I know it.
I mean another thing.