How to make calc open a file automatically at startup

how do i set the directory in calc, so that it opens there automatically when i start calc?

For the title of your question, launching with parameters ‘-o {filename}Starting with parameters

For the comment, directories can be set up on Menu/Tools/LibreOffice/Paths

thanks, but that’s wrong answer. I figured it out myself. just open excel, save/backup the worksheet, type in the directory you have your saved worksheets in and close excel. Restart it and the backup opens the file in the saved directory

Quoting @dduran1210: “… but that’s wrong answer.”
I cannot confirm this. There were two questions, and the answer addressed both of them correctly. May there have been the “wrong” (a badly worded) question?
(BTW: I wouldn’t understand what you “figured out yourself”. Why do you mention Excel? What document is “the worksheet”? What am I supposed to asume " Restart it and the backup opens…" to mean?