How to make caption larger than image?

I am using the latest LibreOffice Writer on Debian Jessie.

I would like to customize the caption of my images. In particular, I would like to have all captions of the same width. My images have different widths, are generally centered in the page and “Wrap Off” is desired.

I observe the following: after doing _Insert _Image… the image gets the full page width. One can now change the size of the image as desired (e.g. with the mouse). However, after doing _right click _Insert Caption… a frame is generated having the same width of the image. Several problems starts from now (for example: reducing the image size after caption creation requires to manually do _Anchor _To Paragraph for keeping the image centered).

I noticed that to the image is assigned a frame whose frame-style is called “Graphics”, and the caption is generated within another frame whose frame-style is called “Frame”.

I tried modifying these frame-styles but without success. In particular, after modifying the values (such as _Modify _Type tab _Width → 70% relative to entire page) the changes do no seem to have any effect, nor seem getting saved. Doing _Tools _Update does not work either.

Is there any solution to this? I have seen already several posts with similar problems which however do not solve the issue.

Many thanks in advance,
Luke (writing a big document after abandoning Microsu**s World, and really hoping to get around this issue)

  1. A captioned image comprises an image and a line of text inside a frame. Expand the frame as required to accommodate the extended text.

  2. Don’t “caption” the image. Ad a separate frame below the image for the caption. The frame can be any size needed to hold the extended text.