How to make LibreOffice Writer behave as gedit in text selection sense?

When I select some text with double clicking in for example gedit, and then press left or right arrow key, the selection is discarded, and the cursor is placed adjacent to it - to the left or to the right, depending on the direction. While in LibreOffice Writer it discards the selection, and 1) starts MOVING the cursor away from the edge of the selection; 2) regardless of the key direction DOES IT ALWAYS FROM THE RIGHT

So how to make LibreOffice Writer behave as for example gedit in this respect?


Are there shortcuts to move cursor to the left and to the right of the selection?

keep in mind that gedit and LO are two very different programs. gedit is a text editor, while LO is a word processor. while both blur the lines somewhat in their abilities, they are really for two distinct uses.
what are you using LO for? and is it that you are familiar with gedit abilities more than LO’s?

gedit was just a simple example, you can try it even right in your browser.

gedit was just a simple example, you can try it even right in your browser.

I find this question relevant, but unfortunately off-topic on this site. Feature requests should go to the LO bugzilla site.

Independently from program purpose, it’s a matter of ergonomics. I’ve been caught many times when extending selection at keyboard between my intuitive expectation and effective program behaviour.

You are right, perhaps this is indeed a feature request

With Ctrl- instead of just , the cursor will move to the left of the selection.

Thanks, did not know this one

Yes, it goes one word left. For the right side one could use RIGHT then LEFT arrows key. Doesn’t really solve the problem, but rather brings another question: why does Writer move by word ALWAYS FROM THE LEFT SIDE, irrespective of the key direction?)) Or rather, why does LibreOffice behave so strange?? ))

Oops, yeah, I knew it but forgot. What I really need when extending is origin should be at right when going right and at left when going left. Unfortunately, this conflicts with shrinking selection.