How to make libreoffice writer open exists documents( which created in windows by ms-office) with the typical way?

libreoffice writer is good enugh to create and edititng new document, but it is not good enough in displaying exists documents which has created with ms-office, so how I can make it display exists document with the same view(border ,fonts, shape). I think may be the solution is auto converting that document to pdf before display it in libreoffice? I don’t know

If Writer is not using the original font, then you need to install the original font onto the computer that has Writer installed. Close LibreOffice before installing fonts so it will see them when restarted. This will solve many of the typographical issues you see unless it is a more complex document. Font library - Typography | Microsoft Docs

Writer has a more limited selection of border shapes than Word but the appearance can normally be re-created, possibly using backgrounds or Draw objects, if important.

Do you have a sample not showing correctly? and a screenshot of it in Word?

You might want to Edit your question to include information from Help > About LibreOffice. Click the button next to version information to copy to clipboard.

You might care to look at [Tutorial] Differences between Microsoft and AOO/LO files .

If you need absolute exact rendering as original then you should use Word (preferably the same version that created the document) and all the same version fonts.


I agree with @EarnestAl , also regarding the last sentence.

However, if you want to work permanently with LibreOffice, look here:

My Transition from MS-Office to LibreOffice

If you have detailed questions during your conversion to LibreOffice, you can always ask questions here.

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