How to make paragraph style that creates a new page?

Hello everybody!

Is there any way in LibreOffice Writer ( to do a paragraph style that creates an own page, right side?

Example - I write Hippo and select that-some certain paragraph style and after that I have a spread with left side blank, and in the right side, middle of right side the text “Hippo” in certain font and style, and the text continues on the next page, spread…

Any ideas? So far I have managed to create new page and the styles… I’ve found the option to make a page break before OR after the selection – but not before AND after.

All suggestions, help and thoughts are welcome! Thanks in advance!

The UI does it currently not allow to set before and after at the same time. But you can use two styles.

You can use one paragraph stye with break before for your Hippo. And second paragraph style including a page break for the next page. Then set this paragraph style as “next style” in your Hippo style. Make sure the second style has a regular style as “next style”.

Okay, thanks.
Believe it or not but I used that. I just thought there has to be a smarter way, ha haa.
Thank you very much! Have a nice day!