how to make selected text in writer a section

I’ve written a technical paper in Writer. Like most engineers, I reused an existing paper and just began
modifying its content. Now I want to mark a block of text, from a numbered section header through
six or seven paragraphs, into a Section. Then all my numbered sections would be listed in Navigator.

Unfortunately, there seems no intuitive way to do this. If I just select the text and click Insert Section
I get a cryptic dialog box with many features I don’t need. It offers no clue how to identify a section.

The Help just says: “Here it is possible to accomplish several tasks [like] give a name to the section.
Select the text listed in the box and type an appropriate name.” When I do this, Writer completely
rearranges my content. Is there any other way to tell Writer to make a section, using the numbered
header as its name, and preserving the arrangement of the text?!?

It is likely you use word “section” as would (legitimately) any ordinary person, i.e. a “section” is a part of a document beginning with a numbered heading followed by several paragraphs related to the same topic.

In LO Writer parlance, a section is a part of a page with different attributes (not the same number of columns, additional “margins”, …).

The Navigator Headings category shows all paragraphs styled with Heading n (n from 1 to 10) paragraph style.

Therefore, if you want a new heading to appear there, you must style the paragraph as Heading n, choosing the level “n” to reflect the position (or the importance) of the heading in the outline hierarchy.

If Tools>Chapter Numbering is correctly enabled and configured, the heading is automatically numbered.

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