How to make text transparent in Writer?

I want to have two text boxes on top of one another and make the text in the textbox at the top transparent or see-through so that I can see the text in the text box underneath.

What I am able to do is to turn the background of the top box transparent but no the text, as shown in the top part of the image below. The bottom part is what I want.

image description

As this is likely decorative text, you can use Fontwork. The icon is a “picture frame with an A” in the drawing shape toolbar. For such a Fontwork the font color is set in property “Area” and there you find the transparency too. The small line around the characters is the property “Line”. To select the font itself, mark all characters and then use Format > Character. For to adapt the font size, you need to resize the entire shape. Using fontwork has compared to an image the advantage, that you can change the text easily.

Thanks Regina, a bit awkward to use but does the job. Is there any way to ‘reset’ the Fontwork text to match the input other than trying to manually resize it? Let’s say that input text is set to FreeMono font size 80. Is there a way to make the Fontwork rendering match it? I don’t want anything from the assorted selection in the gallery, I want the exact match with my font style and size choice.

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Fontwork is a graphic object and you cannot use a style for graphic objects in Writer, but have to use direct formatting. Therefore you always need to adapt it manually. If you double-click the fontwork, you are in edit mode and you can change the text. And in edit mode you can set the font “FreeMono”. The font size has no effect, because the characters always stretch to the shape size. You can start with the example top-left and set area and line to your needs.