How to make the ribbon tab sticky when using alt-tab

I’m trying to alt-tab back and forth between two documents so I can incorporate edits from one into the other.

I want to use the Review tab in the ribbon as I do this, but every time I alt-tab away from a document, it returns to the Home tab. This is maddening and I can’t imagine it’s supposed to do this. Is there a way to make the tab sticky, or make it not change unless I tell it to?

I’ve looked around in all the places I can imagine, but can’t find anything useful in the “Customize…” or “Options…” areas.

Thank you!

I’m on Version:, if that matters.

Tabbed user interface or Notebookbar. AFAIK the Notebookbar is not editable (yet).

As a workaround, use the Standard Toolbar user interface, and choose menu View - Toolbars - Track Changes.



That’s about as I feared. Disappointing.