How to make values separated by commas in libreoffice calc in old files

Updated Ubuntu from 18.04 to 22.04. In the libreoffice calc file, the delimiters were commas.
Now each value is in a separate cell. But if you open it in a text editor,
values separated by commas. How to make values separated by commas in libreoffice calc in old files?

csv file format. Previously, when I opened it with ubuntu18.04, the data looked like if I now open it with a text editor:

And now they look like this:

Not quite sure what you want to do. Do you want to export a file to csv format? Or do you want to open a cvs file? or do you want to use “;” instead of “,” in formulars?

If you open a csv-file (whether having the standard extension, or a fake .odf extension, .ods e.g.) with LibreOffice Calc (explicitly choosing it or having established an automatism), it will always be represented in RAM and presented in the view as a spredsheet.
If you want to see the plain-text representation, and by that the used separators, you need to open the file with an editor for plain text or -provisionally and not recommended with Writer.

If your question actually was about a different issue, please edit it and clarify.

Added pictures above. i want the delimiters to be commas. In ubuntu 18.04 and the old version of libreoffice, this was the case for me. But, after updating ubuntu 22.04, libreoffice has also been updated. These files were created before the upgrade.

Are you talking of the decimal delimiter used for the representation of numbers (NumberFormat)? If nowhere silly “thousands separators” are used, you can simply select the respective coulms and use F&R to replace the points with commas. But that isn’t about “old files” or any specifics of LibreOffice.
BTW: The point as delimiter in (roughly) ISO-8601 date-formats is a bad idea. Use the ordinary minus character for the purpose.

What about the two time values (all zero) behind your dates? After all data should mean something. Kowing something about the semantics often can help to help.

And: By what means did you get the representation shown in your first image?

If you import a comma (field separator) separated CSV file into Calc and select the comma as field separator then of course all fields separated by a comma end up in different cells. That’s how it is supposed to work. If you want all data in one cell instead then do not select any field separator at all.
(though IMHO that’s useless but YMMV).

Thanks to all. Removed all checkboxes, as erAck said. And everything became as before.

That means that previously it was opened with a text editor. If you need that behavior, you need to associate CSVs with a text editor on your OS, not with LibreOffice.

You may google for respective advise how to do that on your OS; e.g., this is one of such results for Ubuntu.

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