How to make Win Explorer context menu New option work for OpenDocument files creation after installing LibreOffice 4.1.5?

I just installed LibreOffice (LO) 4.1.5 and it works, but the New option in the Windows Explorer context menu doesn’t work for the three OpenDocument (OD) formats for the LO components or applications I selected for installation, while deselecting the others, such as Math and Calc. I selected Draw, Impress and Writer, only.

The three options are shown in the context menu’s New options list, but none work. So I tested the other New file options or formats to see if these still work and all of them do. It’s only the three OD file formats or options that don’t work.

Before installing LO 4.1.5, 4.2.2 was installed and the same thing happened. So, it was totally uinstalled in order to see what’d happen with 4.1.5 and it didn’t make any difference.

LO 3.6.5 didn’t cause or have this problem; never did, not for me anyway.

For OS, I’m still using XP SP3, 32-bit.

Doing some Web searching to try to find help for this turned up a link for the following video (1:43 runtime).

“How to Edit Context Menu in Windows”,

That’s about using regedit and says to go to HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT, open the first folder, which is “named” as only “*”, open or expand the subfolder called shellex and its subfolder named ContextMenuHandlers. Doing this, I find that some of the keys are for applications that I personally installed, while other keys are evidently from Windows and possibly from origin(s) that I just don’t know due to not seeing any recognizable names in these other keys’ names.

In any case, LibreOffice or LibreOffice Writer isn’t one of the keys.

Furthermore, installation of 4.1.5 and 4.2.2 also seemed to affect one or two short-cut keys I regularly use in Firefox and which are Ctrl+Shift+B for opening the bookmarks manager, as well as Ctrl+N for opening a new tab; or, if not affecting the latter, then certainly the former. The only way remaining to open the bookmarks manager was by using the Firefox Bookmarks menu.

Libreoffice 3.6.5 has now been reinstalled and the New option of the Windows Explorer context menu now works again for OD files.

I’d report this as a bug but am not sure that it is one. No one has responded by saying that they’re also having the same problem, so maybe it’s only me. In that case, it isn’t a bug and there’s just some (unknown) thing I need to do to get the New option to work for OD files.

Reported (by question OP) as bug tdf#76534. Seems to be a problem with the Windows registry entry created by LO.