How to make Writer pdf hyperlink open in new browser tab?

I have hyperlinks in my writer document for the web.

I have exported the document to pdf.

When I open the pdf in Firefox, then click on a hyperlink the pdf disappears as the link opens in the same tab.

How can I make the link open in a NEW tab in the browser.

Much appreciate your responses.


On the hyperlink dialogue (Ctrl K), under Further settings you have the Frame drop down menu: select “_blank”.

Thanks for responding to me, unfortunately this doesn’t fix the problem.


Thanks for your response.

I tried that but it makes no difference.

I do not use the build in PDF viewer from Firefox (in fact, I don’t like “build in” things like that) so maybe it’s a problem with the viewer. Try to look at its setting to see if there is something like “open links on a new tab”