How to manage x-axis data labels on large line chart?

I have 20 years of daily temperature data, and want to plot all of it. Calc does that very nicely, but I want to label the x-axis with the year, only, and I can not see how to do this. Can anyone help?

Please attach sample file, with notes a bout what you want achieve.


Background: In general Calc uses the Source format for the labeling of the axis. Fortunately there is a way to tell LibreOffice to use another format for the labeling. To achieve this do the following.

  • Select your x-axis
  • Right Click -> Format Axis ...
  • Select tab Numbers
  • Untick option [ ] Source Format
  • Set Format Code to YYYY
  • Click OK

See the following screenshot:

Hope that helps.

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I think we are the right track. When I do that, I see the column with the labels highlighted, but they still don’t show up on the chart. I have 7300 lines of y-axis data, and only 20 x-axis labels, space out every 365 lines, if that makes any sense. I could send a screen shot, but I don’t see how I can attach it.