How to mark a cell in calc if it contains a defined string?

If a cell in column A contains “FP” (case sensitive) it shall become blue font color (or otherwise highlighted).
How to do this?

My goal is to easily see cells containing a special string (as part of the content) when scrolling.

(If this is not possible without a macro, I would be also interested how to fill out a correspondent cell with a string. Or any other workaround to fullfill the goal.)

Select column A by clicking on the column header, and go to Format → Conditional Formatting → Condition.

  • Formula is FIND("FP";A1;1)
  • Apply Style Good

Then press OK.

This answer was adapted from [Solved] Conditional formatting for text (View topic) • Apache OpenOffice Community Forum.

Thank you so much. I praise God, this is helping in accounting for mercy projects. Blessings, Klaus

What if I want to put a numeric value in an adjacent cell instead of applying a style?