How to merge documents without numbering being merged


I am trying to merge several documents each of which contain numbering and I would like the numbering to stay as it is in the original separate documents. So for example what I would like is

blah blah blah

<–page break>

more blah

But I am finding that when I copy the second doc and paste it in, the numbering is being changed.

Any advice please on how to avoid this?

LibreOffice4 Writer on Windows 7.

I cannot reproduce your problem. For me it works so, that both lists start with 1. So please tell:

What kind of numbering is it? Chapter numbering via Tools>Outline, list numbering via list style, list numbering via button, or something else?

How do you copy&paste? Mark it and copy&paste via clipboard, via Insert>File, via Insert> Section>Link, or other way?

What file format do you use? .odt, .doc, .docx, or .rtf, or something else?

It is list numbering via button. I am marking it and copy and pasting. I have tried with both .odt and .doc

Thanks for your help.

I think, I’ve got the difference. When I copy only the list, then I get a new list numbering. If I copy the list together with some surrounding text, then the list is continued. To force the list to start with 1 again, go into the first list item and click “Restart Numbering” in context menu or in Numbering toolbar. To get a totally different list, mark the list and switch numbering off and on again.

Hi Regina

I actually got it working by using Insert>File rather than copy&paste. That seems to have solved it for me.
But your solution sounds great and I hope it will be of use to someone else. Thanks again.