How to modify Writer's autocorrect behaviour after punctuation?

I use the “Autocorrect while typing” feature fairly extensively, especially for triggering em-dash and en-dash replacements. However, it seems that a punctuation mark prevents the autocorrect action from triggering. For example: is some text--with an aside!--that would result in...

What I want to happen, is to get this result:

…here is some text—with an aside!—that would result in…

But what I get instead is this:

…here is some text—with an aside!–that would result in…

Note the second (desired!) em-dash is not “autocorrected”.

I have looked in the autocorrect options themselves, as well as at the programme’s “Tools > Customise...” and “Tools > Options...” settings, but I can find nothing to modify this behaviour. Am I beat? or is there a way of modifying this pattern?

(My current work-around is to leave out the punctuation, keep typing, and return to insert it once the autocorrect has taken place. This is a bit clunky, of course. I’m using LO, FWIW.)

Thanks for any help with this!

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“AutoCorrect Options → Replace dashes” seems to be available only for

“text consisting of letters A to z or digits 0 to 9”.

Only for “text consisting of letters A to z or digits 0 to 9”? That’s a wee shame! Still, there are a couple good work-around possibilities (keyboard shortcuts, for example) should this prove irksome enough. Thanks @manj_k