How to move cell data without formula/cell reference changing

do I have to copypasta or can I do it with the mouse?


If you cut and paste the formula is corrected.

If you copy and paste the fine formula unchanged.

If you copy and paste the fine formula unchanged.

I’m sorry what? ^^;
yes if I ctrl-c, ctrl-v B3; G3 stays the same.

but is there a way with the mouse way? because copypasting I have to make more movement

I thought you were copying the data, not cells with formulas …

oh sorry. I maybe didn’t outline what I wanted to do. I wanted to swap column B with A
but that’s not really relevant since what I want is for the data to move, but not for the formula to change. fixate G3 with B3 reference.
@LeroyG actually outlined a solution

EDIT to my answer based in your last comment to the question:

I wanted to swap column B with A

  • Copy data in column A
  • Drag data in column B to column A, and release the mouse button while holding Ctrl
  • Paste data from clipboard in column B

A bit more complicated, but you can sort both columns from Left to right (see Option tab in Sort dialog).

By what I know, you can’t drag and drop to copy/delete the source data. See LibreOffice Help on Moving Cells by Drag-and-Drop.

Maybe the simplest way is to copy and delete the original data (Ctrl+C, Del), then paste in the target range (Ctrl+V).

An option a little more complicated, and more if you need to scroll between source and target ranges: Drag the original data, and release the mouse button while holding Ctrl, and then return and delete the original content.

Tested with LibreOffice (x86); OS: Windows 6.1.

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actually. I knew about ctrl-LMB but it seems I didn’t see the forest for trees.
the only thing in the way is my OCD where I want the source to move too, but oh well.

in regards to my original post: ctrl-c ctrl-v seems to not work either, in the end. I think I did ctrl-x, ctrl-shift-v

useful help link. didn’t know about alt-LMB