How to move inside a cropped image?

Hi everyone,
After cropping an image in Draw, I would like to be able to select the whole image and move it around in the cropped “frame”, to chose which part of the image I want to be seen. Is it possible ? (in Indesign yes, but I can’t find in OpenOffice…)

Thanks for your help !


I think you only can do FormatCrop Image▸adapt Left, Right, Top, Bottom and, of course, Right clickCrop to update.


So there is no way to create a box or frame of a specific size and position, and then drag and dropping an image in it ? And resize or move this image in that box ?

Thanks for your help

You can import an image as area of a rectangle (e.g.) then use Area tab▸X & Y offset but it’s so inconvenient…

I agree it’s quite inconvenient… I guess it’s the only way to do it… Thanks for your help.