How to move menubar upward, and collapse into tabs

As from the image, I’d like to move the tabs (FIle, Home, etc.) up to the top bar where the minimize/maximize/close icons live, and collapse the bar below the tabs upwards into the tabs. Thanks.


No way to achieve this, since what you call top bar isn’t managed by the application but by the window manager of your operating system and is the title bar of the application window.

Ok, I was thinking that part was the windowing manager. But any ideas on the tabs?

wmctrl reports the window manager is Sommelier, for whatever that’s worth.

But any ideas on the tabs?

? The Icon bar you see is the tab Home - in that sense it is already, where you want that to have. If you don’t like that type of user interface, may be you find a more suitable one at Settings -> User Interface, which should be the rightmost icon on the icon on the tab bar (I don’t know your operating system and I’ve never heard of Sommelier).

Crostini, Debian 9 VM. As far as I can tell Sommelier is particular to the Chrome OS implementation.