How to: move settings between two versions of LO Writer?


Some times I have to use the same LO Writer file in two computers and I want the files to work in the same way.

I already know that ‘Styles’ saved for the file will work the same on both computers, but I still have problems with other things.

First is autotext:
I found a solution where you can copy the file with ‘Autotext’ from a configuration path to the folder in other LibreOffice version (for ex. other PC), but I’m not sure if this method is 100% save. Is there a risk that it might not work at some attempt?
Second is color:
I created my ‘own color styles’. When I open my file on different computer with LO then my ‘color styles’ don’t work. The files uses then different color. For example I used lightgreen color and that is what I see on my first computer, but when I open the same file on different computer then I see darkgreen color. I would like to see the color I used in original file when I open it on different computers or different LO versions. Is there such an option or a file with settings that I should move?
Thanks for any help.

In most cases, it is absolutely safe to copy an entire user profile or any of its part (such as Autotext that you found). But you should always create a backup of the target profile before you do anything. If a failure, you will simply restore it from the backup copy.

Thanks for the answer. I helped me.

I moved the ‘user’ folder as suggested in the comment and it worked. It copied my template, color and autotext settings.

For those who don’t know where the ‘user’ folder is see:
In Wrtier: Tools → Options → LibreOffice → Paths

Hope it will by helpful for someone.