How to not auto-collapse navigation headings list?

in LibreOffice Writer 4.0.2 on Windows XP I typed in some text and crated headers. Now with Navigation I would like to move down whole chapters.

I did:

  1. Display Navigation (F5).
  2. Clicked at plus sign at Headings.
  3. Marked “Sample 1 of Heading 1”.
  4. Click on “Demote Chapter” icon.
  5. Chapter demotes but what is annoying is that “Headings” selection list gets collapsed. This is annoying because I would like to demote several times and each time I have to click plus sign at “Headings” to display heading list before I can click “Demote Chapter” icon again.

    Is there a way to not auto-collapse navigation heading list?




Yes, that’s pretty annoying — there’s → Bug 58187 - EDITING: Unintended Collapse of Headings in Navigator while moving a chapter.

Status: NEW

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Very interesting to read the question and @manj_k’s answer. I filed a while ago an enhancement request.

Please feel free to add comments to the bug mentioned by @manj_k and me.

Click the “Content View” button, second from the left on the second row of buttons, the icon looks like a window with an arrow pointing to the bottom right.

I found this entirely by accident, and I have no idea what the logic is of this. LibreOffice on OS X. The discussion in the bug linked in manj_k’s response mentions this, also that the solution doesn’t work for some.