How to open a file in a reduced window every time

I just installed LO for the first time and I open files from File>Open… pulldown and they always open in full-screen mode rather than in the size I have the window set to for the other files I have open.

I’m sure there’s a setting somewhere that controls this, but I’ll be damned if I can find it. Thank you.

Your operating system is the Window controller. For me on Windows, the last window I closed before the program shut down is the first size to open. Sometimes the second-to-last window closed sets the size for the second window I open.

It is possible via macro, set your own coordinates in the line: oWindow.setPosSize(…) in the Sub openInDefinedWindow

Sub openInDefinedWindow 'choose a file and open it in the defined coordinates X/Y & width/height
	dim oDoc as object, sUrl$, oSize as new, oPosSize as new
	if sUrl="" then exit sub
	oDoc=StarDesktop.LoadComponentFromURL(sUrl, "_blank", 0, array()) 'open the file
	oWindow.setPosSize(100, 100, 500 ,800, 'set parameters for opened window: X, Y (coordinates from left-top border in Desktop), width, height
End Sub

Function filePicker() as string 'open dialog for File Open
	on local error goto chyba
	dim oFileDlg, oFileAccess, oFiles, sFile$, sInitDir$
'	oFileDlg.AppendFilter("Writer (*.odt)", "*.odt") : oFileDlg.SetCurrentFilter("Writer (*.odt)") 'filters only for ODT files
	sInitDir=convertToUrl(CreateUnoService("").Work) 'default directory from: Tools/ Options/ LibreOffice/ Paths -> My Documents
	if oFileAccess.Exists(sInitDir) then
	end if
	if oFileDlg.execute() then
		if ubound(oFiles)>=0 then
		end if
	end if
	exit function
	msgbox("Error " & Err & chr(13) & Erl & chr(13) & Error)
End Function

Right. Good to know. That is an amazing bit of macro programming, and I think I’ll pass, at least for a while. Thanks for the response.

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