How to open a LibreOffice Spreadsheet in "Safe Mode"?

So, while trying to set the format for a column, somehow I accidentally pasted in a formula instead. Apparently, this makes LibreOffice immediately calculate the formula for whatever hypothetical maximum rows in supports…which is probably millions. The result is that LibreOffice consumes 100% cpu and processes forever. I’ve tried killing it and re-opening…and then killing the recovery option which also takes forever, but nothing seems to work. This has essentially corrupted the file beyond usability.

How do I open a spreadsheet in LibreOffice so it doesn’t process any formulas, so I can delete the column and save the rest of my data?

Try: Take an empty spreadsheet. In Tools>Options>Calc>View check option “Formula”, in Tools>Options>Load/Save disable option “Load user-specific settings with the document”. Try loading the problematic spreadsheet. My idea is, that is shows the formula text but does not recalculate the formulas, but I cannot try, whether it works.