How to Open LibreOffice Calc, BASE etc and Run LibreOffice STAR-BASIC (Code) Macros From MS-OFFICE- EXCEL & ACCESS and Vise Versa....?

Hi Friends,

I have Some Doubts and Need Sample Codes and Sample Examples
1 ) I want to Open and Run STAR-BASIC Macros in LibreOffice Applications Like CALC, BASE etc From MicroSoft-Excel , Access.

  1. I want to Open and Run VBA Macros in MS-Office - EXCEL , ACCESS etc From LibreOffice-Calc,Base

The hardest part about answering such questions “in general” is to come up with and create test files. You can limit yourself to the answer “generally” - “Yes, it can be done.” But we’re really trying to help users here. And we are usually grateful to users if they help us so that we can help them.
What kind of scenario is planned to be implemented? It is clear from the question that it is necessary to coordinate the data of two projects - an existing project in MS Office and a project being created in LibreOffice. And that’s it, nothing more is clear.
Create test data samples, attach them to the question, describe the scenario you are trying to implement. In this case, instead of the evasive “This has already been done once” you - maybe! - get a really helpful answer.

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Programming with Visual Basic describes how to access the OpenOffice API with Visual Basic. The same works with LibreOffice and VBA.