How to open multiple Libre Office programs at the same time?

At a minimum, we will need to keep Calc, Writer and DataBase programs open all day while working. So far, it will only open one program at a time. Thank you.

You can open more applications at the same time. I guess you are using windows? Go to your application folder and select Writer… Start some work. Then go to your application folder and select Calc…and so on…

I do not understand your question. LibreOffice is an application which handles Calc, Writer and Database at the same time. You can start LibreOffice in the morning and have it running all the day. What is your problem? Why do you think, you need multiple instances of LibreOffice?

@ Regina - So far on my computer, it will only open 1 program at a time. If I open Calc, then try to open Writer - it closes Calc and opens Writer. When trying to go back to Calc, it will close Writer and open Calc. So to answer your question - that’s my problem! If you call that multiple instances, then yes that’s what I need.

@ Ljiljan - Thank you for an accurate answer. It worked nicely.

LibreOffice can open more than one of its program at the same time. I don’t know how LibreOffice behave on Windows (I use Ubuntu). I had similar “problem”. I opened Writer and Calc (both empty documents/ spreadsheet) and click on Menu File → Exit in Writer and both program were closed. Even though menu item is named “Exit LibreOffice”, the usual behavior of this menu item should be to exit only the current program…