How to open my corrupted libreoffice document

I have tried to open my file by using different things including your online suggestion for such like question but I can not open it. It says at the left Read and at the right Read error. In addition to this it says corrupted. Only open the first page of the document without any notes. When I see at the ground of this first page the number of words and character is the exact of the document. Please help me. If possible I can send it the document for you.

Warm Regards,

Endalkachew Girma

If you had a hyperlink at the location where there was cutoff, try the solution indicated in Comment 9 for the Bug Report 55143. That would be accessing the .xml internals and deleting the link. Of course, work on an additional backup copy.

See Fixing .docx files with SAXParse error at [Tutorial] Fixing .docx files with SAXParse error