How to open pdf files with Writer by default

I used to have pdf files open with Writer by default. Now they open with Draw. My Win 10 default for pdf’s is Writer. How can I get them to open with Writer, please?

I don’t know if it is possible to use Writer to open pdf’s. When i opened and edited pdf’s before, Draw was always that was launched.

Hi Pete8746

Writer cannot open PDFs. I attempted to open a PDF just now from within Writer (LO-, Debian-6.0) and, after a terrifyingly long time, it finally opened in Draw - the only LO app that can handle it.

Under Windows it will be possible for you to set PDFs to open with Writer, or indeed any other program that is within your computer system. However, a single binary is used to open all LO Apps, so when LibreOffice sees that you have sent it a PDF it will switch to Draw and, as far as I understand these things, there is zilch that you can do about that.

Google wrote code that allowed them to extract text & graphics from PDFs. They did that a very long time ago (which is why PDFs have appeared within the Google SERPs for years & years). To the best of my knowledge they have never released that code. If they (or someone else) released such code via the GPL then LO could make use of it. Until such time, placing images of each page into Draw is the best that can be done.

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So, you are saying that Writer can’t open PDFs anymore, right? Because it used to. I don’t know how well it edited them, but I have opened a PDF in Writer in the past.