How to open small special character window

In LibreOffice 6.0, I have seen a small window that contains recently used and favorite special characters. I thought it opened via a small drop-down list next to the special characters icon in the Standard toolbar. However, there is no such drop-down list there.

So, how do we open that small window? How could I forget such a thing?

Right click on the toolbar → Visible buttons → scroll a bit: you’ll see there is a second button for “insert special characters” and that second button features the drop down menu. You need to activate that second button (and deactivate the first one).


The button was hidden after the betas, I think, no idea why thy reactivated the old one before the RCs.

Thank you. It is puzzling that such a useful feature is so hidden. I wonder what the reason is.

I just tried this and found that both buttons can work on the Standard toolbar at the same time. For some reason, they use identical icons, but do different things.