How to opening mdb files?


I have just downloaded and installed LibreOffice Version: (x64).
This is my first experience with LibreOffice.

There is an access database (.mdb) previously created by me with Microsoft Access.

Now, I wanted to open it for some modifications.

I have clicked “Open file” button at the left of main libre window and selected the mdb file I need. But it is opening as if it is a word document so the page comes with full of garbage characters of course.

Any idea?


You actually do not open an .mdb file with LibreOffice. LibreOffice contains Base. This is a front end (not a database) which can connect to various databases.

The connection depends upon the OS and connector to be used. You really should review some of the Base documentation found here → LibreOffice Base Handbook.

You may be disappointed to know that even when you do get Base to connect to the Access DB, you will only get tables and possibly some queries. Forms, reports and macros are all inaccessible.

One connection method can be found on this post → mdb files not loading to base

Thank you Ratslinger.

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