How to overcome Java-related error messages in LO Base?

LO Base on Mac OS 11.1 (Big Sur, second update)
This input attempts to refine the first earlier submission. The screen shots below will, I hope, illustrate the dilemma.
image description

image description

Details with previous questions:
Base unusable owing to several different Libre Office Java-related error messages which occur when trying to enter data/edit Table.

Have not included error messages (have screen shots), as am hopeful that answers to the 2 questions will resolve problem. (Also, I’m unsure at the moment how to include screen shots.)


The Java installed will not work. See:

LibreOffice Base failing under Big Sur for Mac

Mac User Learning Base receive message that JRE is defective

Your New Database states 42 because when creating if there is another with the same name (look for them & possibly delete unwanted) it adds an incremented number. Give your databases a meaningful name.